How to introduce yourself in English

It’s summer. Someone’s gonna find an intern.

I have had 3 interviews so far, two of which require English self-introduction. First time, I didn’t prepare earlier, so I said directly what I could think of. It’s kinda disaster. No structure, halt, looking out of the window.

The second time, I conclude my previous experience and prepare the introduction earlier. The pragraghs below is my self-introduction.

general information

Hello, my name is **. My English name is Tomo. You can call me Tomo. I come from Huzhou, Zhejiang, a very beautiful place. This is my second year in Zhejiang University of Technology. I will graduate and get my master’s degree next year. So I am eager for an intern. My major is Control Science and Control Engineering. We do research on control algorith,like EMPC on the platform of a 3-DOF helicopter, that is imported from Canada. Matlab and C language is my basic skill. I have published a paper on CCDC, Chinese Control and Decision Conference.

interest and skill

Except for what is needed for study, I also developed my own interests and skills. I love English very much,I just got my Advanced English Interpretation Certificate. I also like movies, series and sports. So I watch movies and series in English. I’m a big fan of Tom Hanks. As for sports, I play badminton, not quite well, but made a lot of friends. I also acquired some front-ended skills and built a blog for myself, sharing thoughts and reviews about the movies and series I watched.



During my study in university, I laid emphasis on the development of my ability and psychology. Modesty, recognition of things, responsibility, handling of relationships, communication skills and life attitude all composed my harvests in these years. For me, both the spirit of teamwork and thinking from other perspectives mean two important qualities in my work and life.